In between desks
2018 - Ongoing

To listen to students:

Au milieu des bureaux empilés is an extensive socially engaged and dialogical art project born from a personal desire to rethink our collective evaluation of credibility in the context of the ongoing debate regarding education systems.

Offering to teach a tea workshop, I infiltrate high schools to transform a classroom into a creative intellectual space where youths are safe to reimagine the education system within one of its institutions.

Together, we create a non-hierarchical space where the act of speaking becomes a creative act. Most participating youths have never experienced such a space inside their school: the appreciation of their contributions allows them to familiarize themselves with the power inherent to the act of sharing their knowledge about this issue.

This project happened in Montréal, Carleton-sur-Mer and Lévis in the province of Québec; and in Ebnat-Kappel, Wil et Wattwil in Switzerland.

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