Aesthetic of Conversations
2019 - Ongoing

Drawings and installations. Ink on tracing paper.

I am profoundly convinced that performative conversations can lead to social change because they offer interlocutors the freedom to unbuild and to recreate their own society while recomposing pieces of their own subjectivity in relation to the group. Performative conversations arise when everyone consent to surrender their preconceived understanding of the world and of themselves, in order to consider the group’s contextual knowledge of a particular collective issue. This experience of elevating oneself over self-interests is a Kantian aesthetic experience.

Each drawing is made using data extracted manually and analogically from recordings of conversations. Interlocutors are spread around the perimeter of the drawing and every interaction is represented by a line, either straight or freehanded, depending on the intervention’s characteristics. Each drawing allows the viewer to contemplate the conversation’s whole timespan in a single moment, assessing the conversation’s structure as an aesthetic object.