I believe that performative conversations hold crucial potential for social change in this era of heavy polarisation of the social and political realm. My work aspires to facilitate the occurrence of these rare and precious exchanges through which we overcome our discomfort towards the ambiguity and uncertainty that arises from conversations about collective issues. In performative conversations, interlocutors elaborate news ways of being together while simultaneously embodying these ideas through their exchange.

As an artist, I engage in extensive long-term art projects revolving around discussion on collective issues. I articulate my art practice as a bicephalous entity: one head exists in the real world, through my socially engaged art projects, and one head exists in the art world, through artworks and exhibitions. In the real world, I create mobile sculpture-furniture that, by disrupting usual interactions while preserving a sensation of comfort, facilitate exchanges. In the art world, I create artworks paying tribute to what has been shared and fostering broader reflections. Redefining documentation, my exhibitions aspire to lead visitors into reflecting upon what is needed for meaningful conversations to arise, rather than focus on trying to grasp an experience that they could never share.

Art allows me to learn, through the communities I meet, how to outline, reframe, and rethink the ways we live with others.