I believe dialogue is the most important tool to pursue a lasting mutual understanding. For a shared experience to be meaningful, everyone involved must listen, share about himself or herself and remain open to others.

As an artist, my purpose is to create spaces and situations where such meaningful conversations can arise. Working with spatial variables, I try to shift participants’ emotional and intellectual states. Every project is a new opportunity to grow my understanding of the way space shapes our interactions.

Transforming wood, metal and ceramic, I design and build multi-purpose movable furniture and teaware that blend aesthetics and comfort. I aim to aesthetically challenge participants, stimulating curiosity and openness, but still provide comfort and warmth, allowing for emotional authenticity.

I create projects, structures and initiatives in public spaces, working closely with communities. I experiment with different collaborative structures that require different levels of engagement from participants and myself: from rendezvous to months long projects.

My relationship with art is largely influenced by recent American art movements, such as Dialogical Art, Socially Engaged Art, New Genre Public Art and Social Practice. Engaging and working with participants unfamiliar with the art world brings tensions, which lead me to regularly question spectatorship, diffusion, documentation and autonomy. Every project is an opportunity to reflect on the artist’s role and ethics.

Art is my laboratory. It allows me to join communities and collaborate with them, rethinking today’s ways of living with others.