Group exhibition. Hypha Studios, in the old Peacocks clothing store in Catford, London UK
03 to 16 March 2022 Private view 03 March 2022

(Text from the artwork's label)

Told from a personal point of view, the video investigates how the French-Canadian traditions of artisanal butter and collective bread ovens, related to the artist's heritage, were transformed by globalisation and pursuit of profit, and how this transition relied on the oppression of women's knowledge.

Showing off the wonders of Canadian agriculture preserved in glass jars, the Canadian pavilion at the 1886 Colonial Exhibition in London failed to acknowledge how "Canada's progress and resources" largerly relied on Indigenous people's and women's knowledge, workforce, and contribution. The plywood structure stands as a empty prop-like reproduction of a corner of that pavillion. On the shelves, the first sentence of feminist book about women's dairy knowledge from 1894 has been carved on the raw clay pots.

See Baratter les sols pierreux (Churning the rocky soils)

You gave me your beans cooking pot (letter to my grand-mother) (2022)
Video. 4k with sound

To my sisters in labour (2022)
Raw clay pots. 15cm x 5cm x 30cm (each)

Reproduction of a part of the Canadian pavilion at the Colonial Exhibition of 1886 in London (2022)
Installation. Pywood structure, raw clay pots. Dimensions variable.

Rythm, Sacrifices, Selfessness, Capitalism, Legitimacy, Vulnerability, Fight, Common enemy, Dissensus (2021)
Adobe bricks, mold. Recycled wood. Dimensions variable.


© Yishu Wang
© Yishu Wang