Solo exhibition. Regart Art Actuel, Lévis CA
18 November 18 to 15 December 2019. Private view on 08 November 2019

Au milieu des bureaux empilés is an extensive socially engaged and dialogical art project born from a personal desire to rethink our collective evaluation of credibility in the context of the ongoing debate regarding our education system.

Every phase of the project follows the same first steps. Offering to teach a tea workshop, Verviers infiltrate high schools to transform a classroom into a creative space where youths are safe to reimagine and rebuild the education system.

For the programming of Regart, the artist will be in residency and meet student from high schools in Lévis. Together, the artist and the students create a non-hierarchical space where personal experience is recognized as a valid form of knowledge and the act of speaking as a creative act. Most participating youths have never experienced such a space inside their school: the appreciation of their contributions allows them to familiarize themselves with the power inherent to the act of sharing their knowledge about this issue.
This exhibition is the conclusion of a long-term project that has traveled in multitude of schools in Quebec and Switzerland.

Text: Regart Art Actuel

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Au milieu des bureaux empilés. Installation used in schools.
Russian birch, nylon thread, rugs. Dimensions variable.

Id. Drawings of conversations.
Ink and pencil on velum paper, white maple.
122cm x 91cm, 61cm x 91cm, 45cm x 61cm (each).

Id. Conversations excerpts.
Stereo sound with subtitles in Video HD. 33 min 31 sec.

Id. Coding sheets.
Ink on graph paper. 22cm x 28cm (each).

Id. Ambient noise from schools. Stereo sound. 44 min 15 sec.

Si on ne peut, on continuera de construire des adultes. Video essay.
Video HD with stereo sound. 27 min 33 sec.


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