JASER D'UTOPIE (Talking about Utopia)

Artist residency in the streets of Montreal
Cart. Conversational sculpture (russian birch, plexiglass, fishing wire). Video HD with stereo sound

Walking the streets pulling on my hand truck, I installed my portable furniture wherever it felt right. Passers-by, retired teachers, students, workers, stay-at-home moms, people with disabilities and homeless people stopped and sat with me to have a conversation. I handed them the little sculpture as a way to start the discussion on utopia and ideal societies.

The video shows fake conversations happening between speakers who never actually met. These fake exchanges are built using clips from recordings and written words collected by the artist during her residency. Since passers-by were speaking freely and no actions were taken in order to restrain or guide the conversations, the video reveals an unexpected convergence of ideas and vocabulary.

The residency was part of the Métissage Urbains 2017 program in partnership with Exeko.


©Chloé Barette