POSER LE TEMPS SUR L'HORIZON (Laying time on the horizon)

Public art installation. Contemplation stations. Red cedar, nylon thread
Art residency with VRillE Art actuel at the maison touristique régionale du Bas Saint-Laurent at La Pocatière
From 10 to 30 July 2017 - Private view on Wednesday 26 July - Artworks installed until mid-September

Working to lengthen my perception of time, I used only manual wood working tools during my whole residency. Every day, I walked ten kilometres to the St Lawrence River and back, carrying my tools and portable workbench. I built an immersive installation inviting members of the community and travelers to lengthen their own perception of time through the contemplation of the landscape.

I prepared tea using carefully curated objects and gestures. A traditional wood coals stove was used for heating of the water and rose petals sourced from the landscape were added to the tea leaves. Tea was served in order to complement the experience of the installation.

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Article by Josianne Desloges (Le Soleil)