PRÔNER LE CHAOS (Advocating for chaos)

Commission for the 'Creation' section of the Vie des Arts Magazine. Printed artwork.

Prôner le chaos (Advocating for chaos) is a series of four photographic drawings that seek to create an aesthetic model from conversations that will never take place. The central figure is made up of lines, each corresponding to an intervention, the whole cicle representing an exchange of words between several people, whose tensions and communions coincide at meeting points.

Translated into a visual sequence that plays with the illusion of a translucent paper that juxtaposes two geometric ideals, the golden ratio and the trajectory of a double pendulum, the fictitious conversations generate a visual universe that aspires to a dynamic sharing between its participants. Do consensuses have aesthetic forms? What room is there for chaos when we seek to harmonise human relationships? Prôner le chaos (Advocating for chaos) is the result of a long-term process in which the artist experiments with new structures for living together.

Texte: Jade Boivin, Vie des Arts, translated from French (to read the original).

The artwork was created upon invitation by Vie des Arts Magazine and was printed in the issue 263 Summer 2021.
Prôner le chaos (Advocating for chaos) was nominated for the creation price Prix Création Visuelle 2021 from the SODEP

Magazine: Vie des Arts
Graphist: Alexandra Morin

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